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Meet 22 year old Jamal Joseph also known as “Multi D’Entertainer “. Jamal is a young energetic individual from the cultural community of Patience Mon Repos. Growing up in his community he began having a passion for music and singing after seeing the great idol Dame Sessene Descartes as being a local musician not only for her community but also representing St.Lucia . He started singing at Karaoke anywhere he arrived and there was Karaoke which improved his singing and performing at a tender age. Jamal also carried on his singing into his schooling as he was part of the school’s choir in both primary and secondary school. He also played a huge part in the school’s Entertainment because he would be part of mostly all general assemblies. Jamal further graduated from the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School where right after he decided to further his career in Entertainment. He first took part in a local competition here in St.Lucia for the young developing artists and performers in 2010 but didn’t place that year, but that didn’t stop him. He then started writing his own music while working as a duo with his best friend Vince Joseph as they go by the group name “Yung Vic And Multi Music”. They then took part in the Dennery Segment Soca Monarch in 2017 where they place 3rd with their song entitled “Alcoholic”. They also took part in the Youth Fest competition with that same song that same year and came 2nd in the teens category. Jamal then decided to join the Entertainment crew at Coconut Bay Beach Resort And Spa In 2018 for 1 year and 7months where he Host shows,set up for various events,did hikes,hype man, singing, dancing etc. Jamal became 1 of the best at what he enjoyed doing most “Entertainment”. In 2019 Jamal and his best friend then became Youth Fest 20’s Category Winners with their song entitled “Disruption”. Jamal was also the hype man for the Youth Fest 2019 Dj Spin Off Winner Jaivonne “Dj Jh” Hippolyte As they both are part of an Entertainment Team Called “Team DoRoad” which plans and promotes events and contains disk jockeys and hype men etc. He normally respond to people who ask him why he likes doing what he’s doing with a simple line “Life Without Entertainment Is No Life At All” So like the famous Dwayne Johnson quote says “My Goal Was Never To Be The Loudest Or The Craziest. It Was To Be The Most Entertaining”. And that’s what makes him who he is today “Multi D’Entertainer”.