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Connecting the latest vibes to the better solutions.

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Let's Connect, hosted by Reneata Dusauzay is a new show on Liberty 92.3 FM that caters to the listener interested in information on the latest grievances of the people of Soufriere, Fond St. Jacques and St. Lucia. The show airs every Tuesday at 6pm and takes the format of a panel discussion on the topic of the week. If time allows there is also a call in segment for question, sharing of views, shoutout and birthday greetings. There is also a weekly cash prize giveaway for the answer to a question. The show is sponsored by the current SLP candidate for Soufriere/FSJ, Ms. Emma Hippolyte.

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Reneata Dusauzay is a 31 year old radio personality born and raised in Soufriere, St. Lucia. Born the first child of her mother, Reneata always had her nose in a book and successfully achieved a distinction in English at CXC. She completed radio training with Jerry George 12 years ago and has worked previously with […]